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The current situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic at least allowed us to diversify our activities so it is now our pleasure to organize virtual discussions with filmmakers, artists, actors, etc about different films available on our online rental platform. You can now watch all our recorded discussions on this series page. Enjoy!

Cinéma moderne presents “Interior. Night,” a series of special screenings where films from the regular program will be the subject of psychological analyses by guest psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. These excursions into the world of symbolism and the subconscious will be open discussions providing original perspectives on the psychological meanings of the films. The series […]

Every weekend, Cinéma Moderne hosts two family events. These special screenings and youth-oriented programs provide an opportunity for children to discover the immersive world of cinema and the joys of the big screen. From short claymation films to black and white comedy classics, the Petits Modernes series will satisfy the insatiable curiosity of young moviegoers.  

Cinéma Moderne, 24 images and Isuma are joining forces to present a monthly series of films made by the famous Inuit production house. Founded in 1990 by Zacharias Kunuk, Paul Apak Angilirq, Pauloosie Qulitalik and Norman Cohn, Isuma is Canada’s first independent Inuit production house. Its mission is to produce independent motion picture art from […]

M : les Maudits

M: les Maudits (named after Fritz Lang’s iconic serial killer film) exists to make you (re)discover the treasures of genre cinema: not-to-be-missed horror and fantasy classsics, cult films or ”films maudits” that you always dreamed  of seeing on the big screen . Programmed and introduced by Charlotte Selb and Teejay Bhalla, the screening series will […]


cELLEuloid (formerly DeuXX) is a fun and laidback monthly series of films directed by women. Founded by film curator and lifelong cinephile, Dara Moats, the series aims to create a space to showcase all genres and levels of women-directed films from classics to cult hits to brand new Montreal premieres! cELLEuloid is the perfect way […]

From Mile End With Love
All year long

Above all, Cinéma Moderne is a neighbourhood theatre, and that’s why we’re presenting this series of films that have had a profound impact on the people who make Mile End such a vibrant place. In this series, the people who live and work here – our shopkeepers, artists and community associations – are front and […]