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Year round, Cinéma Moderne offers a unique cinematic experience allowing audiences to enjoy and discover a world of independent cinema in an intimate, warm and vibrant environment, located in the heart of the Mile End.

A program devoted to promoting diversity and celebrating independent filmmakers, combined with quality screening conditions and the comfort and convenience of a Café-bar, Cinéma Moderne presents a space where movie lovers of all stripes can enjoy a rich experience.

From mainstream movies and niche titles to restored classics and avant-garde genre films, along with everything from animation and shorts, to documentaries and experimental films, Cinéma Moderne provides a space where all kinds of films can be watched and celebrated over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Committed to fostering a sense of community, Cinéma Moderne enjoys collaborating with local festivals, universities and organizations involved in the distribution of independent projects, and offers an array of activities and events to enhance the regular screening program. Family events, children’s activities and film workshops are included in our regular programming to unite audiences and ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.



Alexandre Domingue, Co-Founder

Florence Julien-Gagnier, Chief Executive Officer

Jade Fraser, Director of Strategic Communications

Emmie Caron, Cinéma Moderne Manager

Benjamin Pelletier, Programming Manager

Maxime Poulin, Communications Officer

Pascal Plante, Associate programmer

Rachel Samson, Associate programmer