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Sunday, February 24, 21:30
Ali AbbasiSweden2018Swedish with French subtitles110 min

When a border guard with a sixth sense for identifying smugglers encounters the first person she cannot prove is guilty, she is forced to confront terrifying revelations about herself and humankind. Un Certain Regard Prize – 2018 Cannes Film Festival  — *Séance spéciale le jeudi 24 janvier à 18h30 – Dans le cadre de la Série Intérieur. […]

Sunday, February 24, 17:15
Věra ChytilováCzechoslovakia1966Czech with English subtitles74 min

“Vadí?” “Nevadí.” (“Does it matter?” “It doesn’t matter.”) At DeuXX, we have a fondness for ladies on film (and behind the camera) who unapologetically give in to the urge of waving their middle fingers way up into the air for all the world to see. And few films make giving no f**ks look as good […]

Ganja & Hess
Friday, February 22, 21:30
Saturday, February 23, 21:15
Bill GunUSA1973English113 min

An afro-centric retelling of the vampire myth, Bill Gunn’s Ganja & Hess is one of the most singular films to emerge from the Black cinema boom of 1970s. Shot in parallel to the Blaxploitation boom of the 1970s (exploitation cinema’s subgenre through which African-American filmmakers were able to reclaim their image, stories and stereotypes in […]

Philippe Lesage(Quebec) Canada2018French with English subtitles129 min

SOLD OUT – New screenings starting from March 15 *Director Philippe Lesage and actor Théodore Pellerin in attendance. Boarding-school student Guillaume finds himself painfully attracted to his best friend. Meanwhile, after her boyfriend casually mentions how unlikely it is they’ll stay together for the long haul, his half-sister Charlotte embarks on chance encounters that leave […]

Hail Satan?
Sunday, March 17, 15:30
Tuesday, March 19, 21:00
Penny LaneUSA2019English94 min.

*Director Penny Lane in attendance on March 17. Hail Satan? traces the rise of The Satanic Temple: only six years old and already one of the most controversial religious movements in American history. What is The Satanic Temple? Is it religion? A cult? Performance art? Acclaimed filmmaker Penny Lane gains unprecedented access to this enigmatic […]

Hale County This Morning, This Evening
Sunday, March 3, 15:15
RaMell RossUnited States2018English with French subtitles76 min

This first documentary feature by photographer RaMell Ross radically redefines the on-screen representation of African Americans. Filmed over nearly five years in a small Alabama town, Hale County This Morning, This Evening rejects documentary conventions in favour of a sensory, lyrical approach centred on capturing moments of everyday life. Alternating between the mundane and the sublime, the […]

La grande noirceur
Thursday, February 28, 20:45
Maxime GirouxQuebec (Canada)2018English and French with English subtitled94 min

While a world war rages, Philippe, a draft-dodger from Quebec, takes refuge in the american west, surviving by competing in Charlie Chaplin impersonation contests. As Philippe makes his long journey home, he encounters various characters under the sway of a destructive madness born of the chaotic times. His voyage, both violent and fascinating, is a […]

Le gruffalo + La sorcière dans les airs
Sunday, February 24, 11:00
Jakob Schuh, Max Lang, Jan LachauerUnited Kingdom, Germany2011French50 min

Family screening – Suitable for kids 3 and up Le gruffalo, a film by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang – 26 min A magical tale of a mouse who takes a stroll through the woods. Encountering three presdators – a fox, an owl and a snake – the plucky mouse has to use his wits […]

Le mécano de la General
Buster Keaton, Clyde BruckmanUSA1926Silent film, French and English intertitles79 min

Family screening for kids 6 and up. Based on a totally true story during the Civil War, Buster Keaton plays Johnnie Gray, a talented train engineer from the South. He has two loves of his life – his girlfriend, Annabelle, and his engine.

Les routes en février
Sunday, February 24, 15:15
Saturday, March 2, 15:15
Katherine Jerkovic(Quebec) Canada2018Spanish with French or English subtitles84 min

Screening with French subtitles: Sunday, February 24 Screening with English subtitles: Wednesday, February 13 and Saturday, March 2nd Mourning her father, twentysomething Sarah returns to her home country of Uruguay, hoping to reconcile past and present. There she finds her paternal grandmother, the solitary Doña Magda, who had so hoped her prodigal son would return […]

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