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A Symphony of Noise + Bell Tower of False Creek – FILM POP
Enrique Sánchez Lansch, Randolph Jordan108 minutesAnglaisDCP

*PROGRAMME DOUBLE Film POP et MUTEK présentent: A Symphony of Noise Enrique Sánchez Lansch│Allemagne, 2021│96 min Matthew Herbert, musicien house et compositeur d’avant-garde basé au Royaume-Uni, s’est toujours considéré comme étant un peu espiègle. Cela dit, malgré toutes ses cascades et ses provocations, Herbert cherche avant tout à nous guider vers de nouvelles façons d’écouter. […]

All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997)
Saturday, October 2, 18:45
Jeremy ElkinÉtats-Unis202189 minutesEnglishDCP

A true time capsule of a New York of yesteryear, with vibrant energy, All the Streets are Silent examines the emerging culture around hip hop and skateboarding before either became pillars in mainstream culture. From the brief existence of Club Mars, one of the first nightclubs in the city to put rap to the fore, […]

Wednesday, September 29, 17:00
Leos CaraxFrance, Mexico, United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Germany2021139 minutesEnglish, French subtitlesDCP, 4K

Los Angeles, nowadays. Henry is a stand-up comedian with a fierce sense of humor, Ann a singer of international renown. In the spotlight, they are the perfect couple, healthy, happy, and glamourous. The birth of their first child, Annette, a mysterious girl with an exceptional gift, will change their lives. *Opening night film – Festival […]

Bach et Bottine (Bach and Broccoli)
André MelançonCanada (Québec)198696 minutesFrench

*As part of our CONTES POUR TOUS cycle in tribute to producer Rock Demers* “Bachelor Jonathan’s only passion is Bach music. The last thing he thought he needed was a long-lost niece, at least that was what he thought before the arrival of 11- year-old Fanny and her skunk Broccoli. Newly orphaned Fanny has a […]

Sunday, October 3, 12:15
Tracey DeerCanada (Québec)202091 minutesEnglish, French subtitlesDCP

As seen from the inside out through the eyes of a Mohawk teenager from Kahnawake, Tracey Deer’s new feature film offers a powerful and necessary perspective on the Oka crisis. Despite being only thirteen, Beans has a lot on her shoulders and has to juggle family obligations and inclusion in her new group of friends, […]

Bell Orchestre Presents: House Music + La vie d’artiste – FILM POP
Frédérique Bérubé, Kaveh NabatianCanada202192 minutesEnglishDCP

House Music Kaveh Nabatian│Canada, 2021│45 min House Music might have begun as an attempt to salvage their album release following a string of COVID-related tour cancellations, but Montreal band Bell Orchestre and director Kaveh Nabatian have ultimately created a singular, immersive audiovisual experience in the woodlands of Rivière-Perdue with this concert film. A stunning blend […]

Belly – FILM POP
Hype WilliamsÉtats-Unis199896 minutesAnglaisDCP

On the occasion of musician DMX’s untimely passing, Film POP presents a screening of Hype Williams’ Belly. Tommy “Buns” Brown (DMX) and Sincere “Sin” (Nas) are best friends and ruthless New York gangsters on divergent paths in this millennium-ending crime classic, released mere months after DMX’s debut album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. Despite […]

Carnaval [FREE]
Alexandre LavigneCanada201975 minutesFrench, English Subtitles

*This film is available for FREE on our online platform! “Life is a great adventure.” What better slogan for actor Alexandre Lavigne’s debut feature Carnaval, a revelrous and nostalgic adolescent homage to the 90s, VHS aesthetic included. Unpretentious and sympathetic, this coming of age film follows Julie, 16, as she learns to enjoy the pleasures […]

Prano Bailey-BondUnited-Kingdom202184 minutesEnglish

July 11 = Last screening During the Thatcher years, Enid worked as a censor for the conservative British government. The censor’s mission? To control the content of “Video Nasties”, a term used at the time to designate any exploitation film deemed harmful to English morals. Enid’s methodical dedication, however, is about to be put to […]

Conte d’automne (A Tale of Autumn)
Éric RohmerFrance1998112 minutesFrench, English SubtitlesDCP, 2K restoration

*Cycle of the Tales of the Four Seasons* In the hopes of finding her best friend, Magali, a new husband, Isabelle places a personal ad in the newspaper in search of love. Meanwhile, Rosine, Magali’s daughter, tries to set up her mother with her ex-philosophy teacher and former boyfriend to make them fall in love. […]

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