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Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer
Sunday, January 26, 14:50
Andrey A. TarkovskyItaly, Russia, Sweden2019Russian with English subtitles97 min

Andrey Tarkovsky is a film legend who has been the subject of countless works – and none of them is anything like this essay. Directed by the filmmaker’s son, this film offers an original take on Tarkovsky, using only his audio recordings and writings for source material. The filmmaker himself revisits his life and work, […]

Wednesday, February 5, 21:00
Sophie Deraspe(Québec) Canada2019French with English subtitles 109 min

Brought to the stage by Sophocles, Cocteau, Anouilh and Brecht and to the silver screen by Liliana Cavani, the myth of Antigone reaches across the millennia to inspire today’s artists. For her fifth feature, the multitalented Sophie Deraspe deftly transposes the story to the present day without sacrificing an iota of its original power. Teenaged […]

Blade Runner
Tuesday, January 28, 21:00
Ridley ScottUnited-States1982English117 min4k restoration

4K restoration In a signature role as 21st-century detective Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, murderous replicants—and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul. (Warner Bros) Damned […]

Saturday, January 25, 17:35
Tuesday, February 4, 18:30
Roger Frappier , Justin Kinglsey(Québec) Canada2019multiple languages with French subtitles126 min

*With Roger Frappier and Justin Kingsley attending on January 16th Justin Kingsley will also be attending the January 22nd screening An orchestra and its famed conductor go on tour in Quebec’s great northern tundra to visit Cree, Innu and Inuit communities and share an Indigenous chamber opera whose mission is to teach white men how […]

Dilili à Paris
Sunday, February 2, 10:30
Michel OcelotFrance, Belgium, Germany2018French95 min

Family screening suitable for kids ages 7 and up The story of Dilili takes place in Paris during the Belle Epoque. Accompanied by a young delivery boy on a tricycle, the small Kanak girl leads an investigation into the mysterious disappearances of young girls. During her adventure, she meets extraordinary men and women who giver […]

En attendant Avril
Friday, February 7, 18:30
Olivier Godin(Quebec) Canada2018French with English subtitles78 min

*With director Olivier Godin attending on February 7th.  Waiting for April is a romantic, epic cop comedy freely inspired by songs and medieval fables collected by storyteller Michel Faubert. Detective Haffigan investigates a mysterious singing bone, a talisman endowed with dangerous powers, and chased after by a coterie of second-rate outlaws. The bone turns out […]

Greener Grass
Thursday, January 30, 18:30
Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn LuebbeÉtats-Unis2019English101 min

When Tolstoy said all happy families are alike, he could not have envisioned the suburban characters in Greener Grass internalizing the quote to such psychotic levels of conformity, where wives accidentally french kiss their neighbours’ doppelganger husbands before they realize their honest (and hilarious) mistake. The co-writers/co-directors/co-stars, Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe craft a hilariously […]

Sunday, February 2, 12:30
Myriam Verreault(Quebec) Canada2019French and Innu with French or English subtitles 117 min

*With Félize Frappier attending on February 2nd. With English subtitles: February 2nd Adapted from Naomi Fontaine’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name, Kuessipan follows two girls growing up as best friends in a Quebec Innu community. While Mikuan (Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao) has a loving family and is destined for a promising life outside of her […]

L.A. Tea Time
Saturday, January 25, 20:00
Saturday, February 1, 18:45
Sophie Bédard Marcotte(Québec) Canada2019French and English with English or French subtitles90 min

With French subtitles : January 25th Avec sous-titres anglais : February 1st A filmmaker stuck in an arid, jobless Montreal winter embarks on an improbable quest across the USA, taking her director of photography along for the journey. L.A. TEA TIME is an unusual travelogue, at times meditative, at times haunted, recounting the adventures of […]

Monday, February 17, 21:00
Saturday, February 22, 21:30
Rodrigue Jean(Quebec) Canada2019French and Russian with French or English subtitles131 min

Restricted to an adult audience (18 +) *With Sébastien Ricard attending on February 17th With English subtitles : February 17th, February 22nd A middle-age professional embarks on an intimate relationship with a Russian acrobat while visiting an apartment in a North American city during a construction boom. Micha walks on crutches, his leg broken in […]

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