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Isuma at Cinéma Moderne

Cinéma Moderne, 24 images and Isuma are joining forces to present a monthly series of films made by the famous Inuit production house.

Founded in 1990 by Zacharias Kunuk, Paul Apak Angilirq, Pauloosie Qulitalik and Norman Cohn, Isuma is Canada’s first independent Inuit production house. Its mission is to produce independent motion picture art from an Inuit perspective. Isuma produces films, television programs and web content designed to preserve and highlight the Inuit language and culture. Its main offices are located in Igloolik and Montreal. Isuma collaborates regularly with Arnait Video Production, an Igloolik-based company that produces films focused on Inuit women’s perspectives, and with the Inuit circus arts collective ArtCirq.

In 2019, Isuma will represent Canada at the 58th Venice Biennale. To mark the event, Cinéma Moderne will screen several films produced by the collective. Launched in November 2018 with several screenings of Maliglutit (Searchers) and a visit from the film’s director, Zacharias Kunuk, the series continues in 2019 with the film Tia et Piujuq, directed by Lucy Tulugarjuk, a touching story of friendship between two little girls, one Syrian and one Inuit. The following film will be Edge of the Knife by Gwaai Edenshaw and Helen Haig-Brown, the first feature film in the Haida language. This series is a unique opportunity to experience the Venice Biennale in Montreal, and to meet some of the artists!

A series co-presented with 24 images, in collaboration with Conseil des arts du Canada