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Festival Stop Motion : Selection of Youth Films

multiple directors
no dialogue
53 min

For kids ages 4 and up

Festival Stop Motion Montréal is the world’s first festival dedicated to showcasing films animated exclusively using stop motion techniques. With its use in television and feature films, stop-motion animation has experienced a resurgence over the pass few years. Despite this, getting their work screened can still be a huge struggle for many artists. Festival Stop Motion Montréal is working to change that…

List of  films:
Slippery Soap, Kolja Saksida, Slovenia, 2019, 2min45
Papernauts EP01 – Save Puppies, 
Alvaro Ceppi, Chilli, 2017, 4min30
Belosnejye, Ira Elshansky, Russia, 2018, 7min
One Upon a Blue Moon,
Steve Boot, United States, 2015, 2min
Giovanni Aguilar , Gaspare Lo Vacco, Ferran Viura, Juan Vásquez, Spain, 2017, 2min17
POSIDELKI_6-1, Sergei Ryabov, Russia, 2018, 3min
My Strange Grandfather,
Dina Velikovskaya, Russia, 2011, 8min40
Lemon & Elderflower,
Ilenia Cotardo, Italy and United Kingdom, 2017, 2min41
Welcome, Laura Stewart, Canada, 2018, 2min30
The Kite,
Martin Smatana, 2019, 13min07
Freezing Scarf,
Kolja Saksida, Slovenia, 2017, 2min45
Do Not Touch,
Pavel Endrle, Czech Republic and Poland, 2017, 0min50

multiple directors
no dialogue
53 min
As part of:
The Petits Modernes

Every Saturday and Sunday