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Soirée Donzelle

Canadian premiere of “Donzelle” + Presse-jus videos

You’re invited to a Donzelle double feature!

The evening will start with the Canadian premiere of the short film Donzelle, directed by Marina Hufnagel and Rina Zimmering in collaboration with the INIS. The 20-minute film follows Roxanne Arsenault, a.k.a. Donzelle, and her community of dancers and musicians, as well as her family, a few months before the launch of her latest album, Presse-jus. Philosophical discussions, thrifting, gardening, recording sessions and more are seen in this intimate profile of a collective feminist project.

After the film, all of the videos from the Presse-jus album, released in May 2018, will be shown, followed by a meet-and-greet and Q&A session with several of the album’s visual and musical contributors on February 21.

Finally, the evening will wrap up in the Cinéma’s café-bar with a surprise DJ set.

Don’t miss it!

*Screenshot from «Multitask, Donzelle feat. Miss Eaves» directed by Thomas Leblanc Murray, 2018.